Syndeso Solutions

Phone & Unified Communications

Reliable, fast and competitively priced telephony, email, messaging and conferencing products.

Ever Increasing Bills

Service providers are renowned for trapping customers in long-term and expensive service contracts.

Unreliable Service

Your connection to the outside world is a lifeline for business, don’t suffer with poor speed or reliability.

Missing Features

If you can’t work the way you need, you may be held back by the limitations of your current system.

Expecting more from your comms services?

Wish to improve your service and control costs?

Delivering exactly what you need and expect.

Friendly, accessible support

One consistent contact for all of your communication and connectivity needs, taking ownership for any service issues.


Delivering the best in reliability and cost-effectiveness by leveraging the use of cloud technology to support our services.

Flexible options

We are not tied to providing you with a limited set of services, we leverage our industry relationships and buying power to deliver what you need, on-budget.


Our Phone & Communications Offering.


VoIP Phones

Cloud-based, feature rich phone systems that permit you to carry your office number with you – work anywhere as though you’re in the office. Integrating natively with Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams

Conduct online video meetings, collaborate with colleagues and external stakeholders, while managing your documents, projects and much, much more – all within one platform.

Team Training


We also provide a number of other tools and services that facilitate a wide-range of document management, team collaboration & productivity requirements of all kinds.