Syndeso Solutions

Cyber Security

Shielding your data and protecting against the risk of downtime from a growing cyber threat.

Concerned about your level of protection?

Vulnerable to Threats?

Concerned that your defenses are not keeping cyber attacks at bay from penetrating your network or getting to your data?

Need to Build a Cyber Culture?

Feel that your team lack the mindset, education and awareness needed to identify and avert a growing range of cyber threats?

Pressured by Compliance?

If you are bound by industry or legislative regulations, you may have a long list of obligations to comply with from a data security perspective.

Need to achieve peace of mind for the security of your data?

User education & awareness

Your team are the last line of defense against cyber events. Ensure your team are able to identify and avoid potential threats that may enter your network from the web or via email.

Robust technical defenses

Protect the perimeter of your network from a variety of threats, while identifying and quarantining any breach that should make it into your network - stopping it in its tracks.

Proven policies & processes

Enforce best practices and overcome compliance obligations by adopting 'secure by design' methods of working.

Toronto Sunset Riverbed

Keeping your business secure, optimized and available 24/7.

Our Cyber Security Offering.

Team Training

User Training & Testing

Arm your team with the knowledge and confidence they need to identify and tackle digital threats. We train and test them with life-like simulations.


Best Practices & Compliance

To help you overcome compliance needs, or simply to encourage a culture of good data handling practice, we provide guidance and documentation.

Technical Engineer

Technical Defenses & Alerting

To put best mitigate attacks, and damage from a breach, we provide industry leading technical defense tools, with our wrap-around managed service.